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Staged stories from the popular podcast series

Performance Dates 
October 28-30 at 7:00 pm

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No Performances October 22-23!

About the Show

The Magnus Archives is a fictional British Horror Podcast series written by Jonathan Sims.  Throughout it's run from 2016-2021, the show has earned a large number of awards including best audio drama or Fiction Podcast in 2019 and five Audio Verse awards for 2019 including best audio play and best writing.  The show quickly grew in popularity reaching over 4 million downloads a month by July of 2020 and currently sits as one of the most played podcasts today.  

We had no idea how popular it was when we started listening to it two years ago.  The show is, as everyone says, quite captivating and great fun for anyone who enjoys horror.  It focuses on the researches of an institute, The Magnus Archives, that seeks to catalogue and investigate instances of the paranormal.  Each episode features a new scary story, and throughout the seasons an overarching plot develops as the researchers themselves begin to experience elements of the paranormal as well...  

The writing is so good, it didn't take us long to decide that a staged re-telling of several stories would make an excellent Halloween production.  We have a long list of favorite episodes, but from it we've picked those we can stage with effects that, while being relatively minimal, should still be quite unsettling...
We are very excited to be performing them this October, and hope to see you there.  

Jonathan Sims has been tasked with organizing the archives of the Magnus Institute. Sifting through stories of the supernatural and bizarre, he seeks to discover which accounts are true from those that are not...
Held on the outdoor garden stage, this is an immersive performance experience as the stories are brought to life through acting and effects while the audience space is lit by torchlight.
Drinks and desserts will be served.
Warning: Some content may not be suitable for children. This production features loud noise and bright lights.
Parking is street-side only. Patrons should expect a short walk from their cars to the stage area. Please contact us if you require nearby parking in order to have a spot reserved.

About the Podcast

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Photo Credit:  Tim Mossholder, Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash

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