Nina and Annie are a mother-daughter duo with over 40 years combined of professional music, theatre, and arts experience.  They have worked as educators, musicians, directors, producers, and experienced performers.
Their passion for bringing beauty, healing, and unity to diverse communities through live performance has grown into the business Art Without Borders is today.

As an original works production company, they are dedicated to creating inclusive and life giving events, through various types of performances throughout the year.  Their large scale community concerts held at Christmastime and during the summer months bring original and high quality performance material to an inclusive, interactive, and family oriented setting.  Their smaller and more intimate "Into the Light" series combines music with stories and talks in a structure designed to foster communication and promote healing in specific areas of need.  These concerts travel to schools, churches, and rehab and care facilities across the Midwest.  

Our work

Annie has a degree in Theatre Performance and a  passion for movement and choreography.  Since graduating in 2018 she has worked as a director, choreographer, and performer for many different projects, and her weeks are filled with teaching piano, voice, and theatre.  In her free time she can found free styling with new movement material, gardening with Nina in the backyard, or planning her next travel adventure.

Nina is a mother of seven and a concert violinist.  She has produced all types of theatre productions, concerts and events, and recently performed with an international symphony in Munich, Germany.  A year before the Covid lockdowns, her dream for Art Without Borders was born and continues to blossom.  In her free time she can be found gardening, working on new home improvement projects, or enjoying coffee with a friend.

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