We've sponsored a wide variety of performances including traditional theatre, contemporary dance, classical music, and original works.  Check out some of our past works below!

Summer 2021

John Cariani's "Almost, Maine" takes a close look at the struggles and genuine comedy of love.  Set in the tiny, fictional town of Almost, the show combines just a touch of magical realism into what is otherwise a series of strikingly human encounters.  The result is a fantastically witty, touching, and often times hilarious show.  "Almost, Maine" was performed at "The Staves" and directed by Annie Powers.

"The stories managed to maintain a sense of consistency and sweetness throughout their runtime...I've found that as long as you can maintain a good sense of direction, consistency, and in this case good acting as well, you'll find that you have the potential to tell an effective story, no matter how simple it may be."
 - KJ Dorow

"I am quite passionate about wonderful evenings like this, having been brought up on opera and the classics in a European home... It was so well done and completely delightful!"
 - Maria Roach

"Life is Beautiful" was a lovely piece we were able to pair with "Almost, Maine" for one evening.  We found a series of letters that my grandfather wrote to my grandmother Louise during the 1940s when he was away in the Navy.  A handful of them were selected and set to beautiful, classical Italian music that was performed live by a classical piano trio.   This piece was directed by Nina Powers. 

Suffer Up was the centerpiece to our June Showcase, a dance piece set to original music by Chris Powers that gives a whimsical yet powerful expression of the phases of life.  While directed by Annie Powers, this piece was a collaborative work and each of the dancers contributed to the final work.

Photo Credit:  Cameron Milton

Annie Powers and Nora Grygiel

Hannah and Katie Evans

Nora Grygiel

Fall 2019

Dia de los muertos festival

The Dia De Los Muertos Festival was presented in collaboration with Tri-Cities Prep High School.  It featured a whole series of performances and events including Folkloric Dance, Ballet, and Various live music performances along with games, face painting, and food vendors.  The performances featured local and guest professionals along with high school and grade school students.

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